It happens to the best of us. We screw up...

by Bridget Johns

31st May, 2022

It happens to the best of us. We screw up. Normally, a good heartfelt apology or a well-written word does the trick. Sometimes, however, a gift is required. This could be because you messed up so royally that you have to pull out all of the stops, or it could be because you feel so terribly personally that it helps to assuage your own guilt. Either way, we have a few things we think are perfect for saying you’re sorry. The requisite gifts for forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday (jewelry and handbags), gifts for a friend when you weren’t as thoughtful as you should have been (books, plants and other small tokens), gifts that help you spend time together and everything in between. We hope your time at To&From is spent buying gifts for happier occasions, but when the need is there, these “sorry” gifts should do the trick.

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